Genres according to my Five-Year Old

Pages written in Zoe's notebook, analysing the salient features of a few popular literary genres.  She has plans to look for more "types of story" in the school library - as soon as she gets over whatever spotty contagious virus she's got and is allowed back in public.  (Carefully and faithfully transcribed by Zoe's Nanna Linda).

Now may I explane FANTACY to you. FANTACY is about princesses. sometimes dragons gaurding a castle.
What might happen
Some times there can be witches hwo lock princesses in a castle. or mabe a princes kant find a prince.
Mabe a frog in the story
If a princess kisses a frog it might turn into a prince.
[drawings labeled: dragon, witch, prince, princess, castel]
Pictures & story by Zoe Davis.
Adventure is about travel
What happens
you might climb up cliffs for example
What might be in them
mabe a adveture would
It might be dangerous
It might be dangerous because if you do climb up a cliff you could fall.
[picture of girl climbing cliff; caption: “I'm a dit worryed”]
Story & pictures by Zoe Davis.
History is how long ago the dinosaurs lived.
hwat could be in a historIcal story?
Mabe a T-rex. Teddy Roseabelle. Sacagowia.
[note from the transcriber: this morning Zoe watched a DVD called “Night at the Museum” where exhibits came to life—including a T rex, Teddy Roosevelt, and Indian girl Sacagawea.]
What is history about?
History is about people living a long time ago.
[pictures of a girl with braids, a man on a horse, and a dinosaur]
Story & pictures by Zoe Davis.
Romants is about kissing hugging & marig.
What could be charactors
mabe a boy friend & girl friend maryed.
What could happen
You now sometimes the boy protex's the girl.
[illustration: boy and girl hugging and kissing, “I love you Zac.” “So do i Mariel.”]
story & pictures by Zoe Davis.
Nonfiction is about information
What tipe of info could it be
all sorts of it. it can be info about a long time ago or info about now.
Where can you learn info
many type of tings. book. movies. look up & manymore
[drawings of a book, a movie screen (?) and a person using a computer]
Story & pictures by Zoe Davis
fiction is storys tat arnt true.
What could be in a fiction story
mabe a dog how [who] wants to be a cat.
You can sometimes get mickksed up
You can sometimes get mikksed up with fantacy.
[drawing of a dog saying “mew”]

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