My first finished colored Fearless, with the weight of the world on his doggy shoulders.  Poor little guy. I'm trying a different technique for these - light acrylic washes underneath, with colored pencil and whathaveyou on top.  Layer-oppen-layer-oppen-layer.  (Those of you who didn't grow up with adverts for Sarah Lea flaky pastries won't have a clue what that's all about... oh well.) I like the way it works so far - it dries at the speed of light compared to oils, so I can finish a picture in one sitting, and it lets me get in much more detail.  I loved doing the texture of his muzzle in this one.  Don't you just want to grab those jowls and give them a good squeeze?  Or is that just me? Ahem... probably revealing too much about myself there.  I'm just off to do something perfectly normal now, like ... um ... taxes.  Arranging the spice rack.  Pairing socks.