Another great review of Mending Lucille

 By Pat Pledger of Read Plus:

"Highly recommended. Shortlisted by the Children's Book Council of Australia, this is a heart wrenching yet uplifting book about a small girl whose mother has left her, flying away on an aeroplane. She is devastated by her loss, and her only consolation is her doll, Lucille, who is broken. Her father is unable to fix the doll and suggests that she throw it away, but she is determined to keep it and hides it behind the driver's seat in her father's truck. One night they go to a new place for tea and the waitress, Chrissie, takes Lucille and mends her. Things begin to get better after this.
In this beautifully illustrated story, Sarah Davis has given the story a wonderful added dimension with her realistic pictures of the little girl, her grieving father and the warm, loving Chrissie. The theme of mending a hurt bird and letting it go free to find someone to love is also done in a sensitive way.
A book to treasure for the positive message about coping with grief and the loss of a parent through divorce or separation Mending Lucille would also give hope to those children who are dealing with a new family situation."

Thanks, Pat!