I know nobody is interested in this, and I wouldn't even bother posting about it, but I'm procrastinating. And the internet was invented to help me procrastinate. So I'm going to kill at least the next 5 minutes by going on and on about the new pen I found. I've been trying to take a sketchbook with me wherever I go and to be all virtuous about drawing whenever I had a moment, but i couldn't find anything that was really good to draw with on the go. Pencil always gets smudgy... and I haven't found a pen I liked either. Until now. It was very cheap, and I bought it in a hurry because it looked like the ink was a nice color, but I didn't bother to check if it was waterproof. And it isn't... but the coolest things happen when I use my nifty travel-brush (with the hollow barrel full of water, very Maxwell Smart) and this pen together. The ink is water soluble in a really lovely way, and I really like the effect. Yippee. OK, can't avoid work any more...that's more than enough about my pen. (But Oh, how I love it!)