I cried a little the first time I read this book, it is that good... this new book has created a new standard for picture book writers in New Zealand.
— Booksellers I Love Books Blog, October 2013

Toucan can do lots of things!

Toucan dances! Toucan sings!

Toucan bangs a frying pan!

Can YOU do what Toucan can?

A tongue-twisting, ludicrous rhyme full of escalating hilarity and off-the-wall characters. It will have you tripping and flipping and dancing and singing.

If Toucan can, you can!

The illustrations for Toucan were created using a madcap and spontaneous process of slapping down chunks of hand-painted tissue paper, with loose pencil linework and acrylic paint highlights over the top. 



  • Shortlisted for the New Zealand Post Children's Book of the Year award 2014
  • A Storylines Notable book, 2014

Sarah Davis’ delightful, zany illustrations are an inspired match for Juliette MacIver’s humourous,tongue-twisting rhymes. Toucan Can bursts to life with infectious movement and vitality. This is a great book to read aloud with children. A fun, playful read which will have you skipping, tripping, flipping, flopping and asking yourself if you too can do what Toucan can?
— Judge's Report, NZ Post Book Awards
Told entirely in rhyme, this is a crazy and wild, but ultimately adorable, book that gets faster as it goes along, like a stomping flamenco spinning round and round in a circle ... Simply put, this is a brilliant book I defy any child not to enjoy.
— The Book Bag, UK
The fun of the words would be nothing without the illustrations. Sarah Davis has drawn Toucan to be every bit the preening show off that you would expect. He prances and preens, he tumbles, stomps and flops (even Toucan has his limitations!) The bright colours are irresistible to children and the detail is beautiful.
— The Tartan Kiwi