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The Fearless Series

Fearless is a gorgeous, whimsically funny book about names, about love and about courage. The text is delightful and the illustrations, by Crichton Award winning illustrator Sarah Davis, are absolutely gorgeous. Fearless’ facial expressions are especially endearing, and kids will laugh out loud at his antics.
— Sally Murphy, Aussie Reviews

Written by Colin Thompson, published by ABC Books/HarperCollins 2010

"When a new baby is born it′s difficult to tell if it will grow up to be big or small or brave or scared of the dark and spiders. So sometimes babies get the wrong name. It′s the same with dogs. So when the Claybourne-Willments, who should have been called the Smiths, got Fearless as a little puppy, it seemed a good name for him. 

Except Fearless wasn′t."

How does Fearless finally live up to his name? By accident, of course!

The illustrations for Fearless were created using acrylic and prismacolor pencils - and with the help of some friendly bulldog supermodels!

Shortlisted for the CBCA Book of the Year Awards 2010

Winner: CBCA Junior Judges award, KROC, KOOL, WAYBRA, YABBA and KOALA  Children’s Choice Awards 2010


Written by Colin Thompson, published by ABC Books/HarperCollins 2010

The only thing Fearless could remember his mother telling him was, ′Life is much nicer if you love everyone.′But loving everyone is much more complicated than Fearless had imagined.

Until he meets Primrose ...

A hilarious new picture book about Fearless the bulldog.

The illustrations for Fearless in Love were created with acrylic paint and prismacolor pencils.

Winner of the 2012 YABBA and KOALA awards


Written by Colin Thompson, published by ABC Books/HarperCollins 2010

Everyone's favourite scaredy-cat bulldog returns in a brand-new adventure! When we last saw Fearless, he had fallen head over paws for the beautiful Primrose. Now, they've got puppies to care for, and Fearless must figure out what it means to be a father. Fearless warns his children about the dangers lurking around every corner - things like vacuum cleaners and handbags - but when Primrose is in trouble, will Fearless put aside his fears or will it be brave pup Eric to the rescue? Another charming and hilarious tale about Fearless the bulldog, from award-winning duo Colin Thompson and Sarah Davis.

The illustrations for Fearless - Sons and Daughters were created with acrylic paint and prismacolor pencils.

It’s an entertaining book with beautifully humorous illustrations by Sarah Davis. My daughter was especially amused by the drawing of Fearless demonstrating how to poo on the carpet.
— The Mummy Project
Illustrator Sarah Davis really brings out the endearing Fearless––so expressive and realistic.
— Kate O’Donnel for Bookseller and Publisher's Monthly
Sarah Davis’ illustrations are as adorable as ever - the impulse to reach in and give those puppies are cuddle is very strong indeed.
— Brona's Books
Loyalty, love and forgiveness. C’mon, look at that little bulldog face ... I am already in love with Fearless.... I am utterly charmed by this gorgeous book. What a sweet, sweet dog. Still smiling. Thanks Fearless.
— Kelly Morton, for Kid's Book Reviews