Hello, my name is Nikau. I'm Sarah's daughter. And I collect small things like Violet Mackerel, and also have the same theory (I got it from Violet!!). Of course, If have looked at Sarah's blog before; you will know that this part was never here before, and this is the first post. So I hope you like it!! Yesterday, while I was on the swings in the park, I saw a little yellow and orange bow that you can clip into your hair like a hair-clip. And guess what I was thinking about? How lovely the park was and that I should go there more often and that it should stay like that for EVER and EVER!! And I think I might need it later in life, like if the park was going to be turned into houses (now that would be TERRIBBLE!!!), and I could convince the government that it shouldn't be turned into kind-of-good buildings!! Anyway, Hope you liked it!!      Nikau!!