Illustrating Picture Books - General Talk

Duration: 1 hour
Number of students: max 300
Ages: years K-6 (Suitable for a whole school group, but most suitable for years 2-6)

What’s covered:

  1. How a picture book is created, from first idea through to publication
  2. What's special about picture books?
  3. How an illustrator works:
  • interpreting the text
  • generating ideas for character and narrative
  • processes and techniques used to create the final images

Sarah will show examples of her own work, including rough working drawings and original paintings.

Collaborative Drawing

As a group, students are guided to invent a story and direct Sarah while she produces a ten minute pastel illustration, which will be donated to the school.

Click here to see some of Sarah's 10 minute drawings.

Sarah will need:

  • A smartboard or dataprojector with sound
  • A microphone
  • A whiteboard

Pre-workshop Prep:

It helps for students to be familiar with Sarah's books - please read them with your students if you have a chance.

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