Pre K - Year One Workshop

Duration: 1 hour
Number of students: max 60
Ages:  pre-K, Kindergarten

A gentle, fun, interactive session for younger students.

What’s covered:

Crazy critters: Sarah draws an animal, but makes some silly mistakes... always a hit!

What's an illustrator?: Sarah shows how she uses her paints, paper etc, and explains how her paintings get into the books.

Interactive storytime: A lively reading of one of the Marmaduke or Fearless books, with lots of audience participation!

Meet Marmaduke or Fearless: Role playing with a soft toy version of the characters from Marmaduke or Fearless.

Collaborative Drawing 
As a group, students will invent a story about a dog and direct Sarah while she produces a ten minute pastel drawing, which will be donated to the school.

Click here to see some of Sarah's 10 minute drawings.

Sarah will need:

  • A smartboard or dataprojector with sound
  • A microphone
  • A whiteboard

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