Newsflash: Sad Bunny Loses her Fancy Shoe...

When I visited William Carey Christian School, the Year 2 kids gave me a great scenario for my 10 minute illustration - a bunny who was sad because another rabbit had hidden her fancy shoe. So I gave it my best shot, but 2M have topped me by going off and writing the WHOLE STORY! They each took turns adding a sentence, and then edited it all together. 2M's teacher, Mrs Mackenzie, has just emailed me their creation - they've named the bunny Ella, and created a story of shoe-theft, betrayal, true friendship, remorse, lessons learned, and happy ever after. Well done, 2M! I love it.

Ellie and the Lost Shoe

Ellie the bunny was very sad.  Her friend Josh had hidden her fancy shoe.  He had promised that he’d never trick her by hiding her shoe again, but he had chosen to be unkind once more.  

Ellie looked here and she looked there but she couldn’t see anything except her friend laughing.  She asked Josh, “why are you laughing?”

“I heard a funny joke!” answered Josh, with a giggle.

Suddenly Ellie saw a diamond twinkling beneath the bush.  “My shoe!” she exclaimed.  But as she reached for it, Josh snatched it and hopped away quickly.  He hopped and hopped until he was so tired that he lay down in the shade of a blueberry tree and before he realised it, he was fast asleep.  

While he lay snoring, a new bunny came along and accidently thought it was HER missing shoe that was on the ground next to Josh.  She picked it up and popped it onto her bare foot.  Now she had two shoes.  Sophie hopped home.  “Oops!”  As she was getting ready for bed she noticed her real missing shoe.  It was where she’d left it this morning!  

The next morning Sophie took the shoe, which wasn’t hers back to where she’d found it.  There was Josh hopping miserably round and round underneath the blueberry tree.

Sophie apologised in a really kind voice for taking his shoe.  She even gave him some carrots to show him how sorry she really was.  

This made Josh feel sad for what he had done to Ellie.  So he hopped towards Ellie’s house, but on the way he met her in the forest.  She was looking under bushes for her shoe.

Josh said, “I’m so sorry for taking your shoe.  I will never do it again.  To show how sorry I am, let’s have a picnic.”  And they sat down in the comfy grass, underneath the leafy trees and Josh shared his carrots with his friend Ellie.  

Ellie looked down at her diamond shoes and smiled.  Then she hugged Josh and forgave him.  Then for the rest of their years and forever, Josh and Ellie have been friends.