Nice to meet you all, Lalor Park kids!

I visited Lalor Park last week, and turned up just as the bell was ringing. They have the coolest bell I have ever heard. It was playing "Dancing in the Streets", and all the kids were rocking on into class. There were also gardens and murals everywhere, and the atmosphere was fun and welcoming. Plus they put on a slap-up morning tea and lunch for me and Oliver Phommavanh who was also there for the day - thanks to Ann Landry, who was a great host. I got to see some of the fantastic work the kids had done on Fearless, too:

And we also drew some pictures together. Since I gave them all a sneak preview of Marmaduke Duck and the Marmalade Jam, ducks were the order of the day - one giving a dog a swimming lesson, and one splashing a grumpy old turtle.