Fearless has friends!

Fearless is feeling a BIT BRAVER these days, thanks to the hundreds of messages he's been getting from a bunch of lovely kids up and down the country. Everyone's been really thoughtful, and sent him lots of encouragement to just toughen up a bit, and not be quite so scared of everything. He's also been given a lot of really good advice about important life skills, like Where It's Ok For Dogs to Poo, and How To Recognise A Robber When You See One. We've read them all to him, and I think he's learned a lot. And the most important thing he's learned is that he has a whole lot of new friends.

Here are some of my favourites:

hi fearless you got a good book but i recon you gota tufen up - Perlo

Dear beautiful Fearless have a lovely day. Edmun H

Your body would feel so soft. You look funny as well. Gabby E

Dear Fearless :) You are so cute and your eyes are so beautiful. I love your feelings and I love you. K Gumnut

Dear Fearless
You are the best dog and a champion! Your book was very funny and nice. It was the best book we have read and we really enjoyed it. Fearless you are sweet and a funny bulldog. It was fantastic book and we hope you are happy. We love you fearless.
Ati,Jesse, Joshua, Isabella,Gio,Christopher, Christian,Antonio , Carlo and Catherine xxxxxxxxxx
Hello Fearless!
I think that you are a cute little Bulldog!!!!
I think that Bulldogs are very Beautiful dogs!!!
Are all Bulldogs friendly like you or are they feirce?
What I really liked about your story was that you are friendly and funny at the same time!
You were funny and friendly at the same time when you said ''Daddy, that naughty man has
got his feet on the table!''and when you said "That rude man didn't even say goodbye!"
You are Awesome!
Keep up the friendlyness!!!


dear fearless please dont be scared of bones,stairs,kittens,and handbags! i know you can be brave of anything and take care of your family .
fearless i hope you will be safe and happy and will try to not to be scared of little things to be much braver.
Dear Fearless don't be scard of a bone,stairs,broom and a handbag. Because you have a family that loves you. Annabelle

Dear Fearless,
We are going to be your friend and we'll take good care of you. We think you are very brave because you stopped the robber and made him run away. We will feed you everyday. We love you and goodbye Fearless.

From KH

Sarah DavisComment