Today I was lucky enough to get to go to Bookfeast. I sat with Sefton High, who made eating quiche fun - and that's  high praise, because quiche is one of the least entertaining things I can think of. It was a lovely afternoon with great company and conversation, and I was asked some really intelligent quetions - not sure I managed to give intelligent answers though.Thanks to all of you fabulous Sefton High types for your company today. And Katherine wins my undying admiration for taking me up on my dare and eating her chocolate cake with lettuce and tomato sauce! Katherine, you're my new Food Hero!Katherine creates the taste sensation that's sweeping the nation.

Richard Harland gave a reading from his new book, Worldshaker, and Sue Murray spoke about being a thief, a cheat and a liar (stealing inspiration, playing tricks with time etc in her writing, and weaving fictions). I spoke too, and based some of what I said on a quote from my grandmother (or my mum - can't remember who said it first!) - "Follow your bliss". Good words to live by, I reckon. That was the deep and meaningful bit....


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