I can post this, because the kids never never read my blog so the secret should stay safe... These little animal necklaces just arrived in the mail in time for Christmas. They're about 1 1/2 inches tall, with a lot of personality, and they're really beautifully made. If you've never come across Etsy before, you should go and have a look. It's a sort of online shopping site where people from all over the world set up stores selling handmade goods. There are some mind-blowingly beautiful things on the site, and handmade presents are not only more interesting, but also a nice antidote to Christmas consumer madness. Of course, you can find some truly spectacularly excerable things on the site as well, and for those of you who want to marvel at the trainwreck that is the CUSTOM FEATHER PHEASANT GLADIATOR GALORE CAGED BOOT SANDAL PUMPS HEEL SHOES or wonder at the mind that conceptualised the catnip fetus toy, all misguided etsy postings are collected for you in one handy site. (Warning: Regretsy.com is often not even remotely suitable for sensitive types, and very often wildly inappropriate. But funny... oh, so funny.)