Kids' opinions...

I was just forwarded these lovely, sensitive reponses from a primary school class who studied Mending Lucille. They're a very perceptive and thoughtful group, I think!

Josh “ …thinks it would have been hard to write the book feeling so much emotion. The book is heart warming”
Phoebe said “ ..the pictures look like photos.”
Kira said “ the plane is taking the mother to heaven.”
Jess “…thinks it’s very moving”
Mia said…” the story is enchanted”
Matt thinks that …”at the end, it’s a new world for the family as they are happy together.”
Anna thought the art looks a bit like a journal.
Amy said the artwork is colourful and has cuddles.
Alex said “…the book is very descriptive.”
Kobey thought the story was sad. The artwork is wonderful.
Noah said that…” The illustrations show the girl is broken hearted.”
Sadie said “… I feel connected to the book. And when the girl let go of the healed bird, she also let go of her grief.”

Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments.