Mending Lucille is a hit!

Mending Lucille was released for sale at the beginning of this month, and sold its entire first print run in the first 4 days! I think that's pretty respectable.... I actually have no idea where it's possible to lay your hands on a copy, though - I should probably find out, because I've had a lot of people contacting me wanting to know if it's available in the USA.

It's also on the list of books recommended for helping children deal with grief put out by the Australian Centre for Grief Education at the Monash Medical Centre. I've had a surprising number of adults tell me how relevent it is to them - there are so many people who remember some kind of deep loss from their childhood. It'll be nice if the book makes it easier for people to talk about that sort of thing... but its also a really great story and deserves reading just for it's literary merit, I think.