Another rollicking Marmaduke Duck adventure in which Marmaduke sets off to sea!

A thrilling salty tale that will make you swash your buckle, shiver your timbers, and if you're anything like the seasick llama, lose your breakfast. No other book contains not one, not two, but FIFTY SIX marmoset monkey pirates, I promise you. Go on, count them! You know you want to...

The illustrations for Marmaduke Duck on the Wide Blue Sea were created with gouache and prismacolor pencil.

The whimsical illustrations are a delight and combine with the words to create a truly enchanting picture book...This is one tale in which the illustrations go above and beyond the narrative...Sarah Davis creates all her characters with loving care, including the individual marmosets (there is even a credit at the back to her “Monkey Pirate Fashion Consultant”) who all have their own unique traits.
— Angela Oliver, Booksellers NZ